It’s all of us below who make the glorious WPJ team. Our philosophy is that in order to provide the absolute top quality of workmanship in our industry we need exceptional people. We aim to employ highly skilled, committed and motivated people, with a passion for their trade.

Our fleet of tradesmen includes gas engineers, plumbers, a drainage and pressure jetting team, multi-trade bathroom fitters, electricians and decorators. And of course we’re always looking towards tomorrow – we have 6 young apprentices who are learning important new skills as they strive to become members of our professional team.

“There’s nothing like the soft purr of a nicely burning boiler” says Will. And so grew his passion for the wonderful world of London’s plumbing. Lives in Tooting with Gemma, Eadie & Harry. Dreams of playing a round of golf with Rory McIlroy but has been recommended more lessons first. Ahem. Not sure if that’s really needed.


PJ loves plumbing, loves boilers, loves U-Bends.  Father to 4 little children and ever attentive husband to Minky, he spends week-ends in Somerset and the weeks in town running WPJ.  Right-hand bat, wicket keeper.  Would love to join the MCC –can anyone help?


Adrian has been in this trade for 40 years and his experience adds tremendous value to WPJ in supporting the operatives with technical questions and provide guidance for our customer base. In his spare time, quality time is spent with his eight grandchildren. The 3 youngest grandchildren are all under 4 so they keep him active and on his toes!!


Guy is another one of our working supervisors.  With over 29 years of experience in the plumbing and heating game, he wants to find a boiler that he cannot fix!!


Fred Dark loves plumbing and is keen to become a gas man as soon as possible- something which is now fairly imminent.  He loves painting and decorating too, often tidying up properties when the installers have finished with them.  Having worked as a shop fitter for many years, he has all of the skills to run with a job from start to finish.


Billy Collett has worked for some big companies in his employment history. He’s a dab hand at extracting tricky old taps and bath wastes, prizing out rusty fittings and getting them replaced with new fully functional parts.  Billy is a mountaineering nutter and treks off to the Alps each summer with his ropes, ice-axes and crampons to scale another dizzily high peak.


Chris joined the WPJ team this year as a plumber and has already earned plenty of good reviews from our customers. He has a solid background in all round plumbing and earned his stripes learning the trade with a well-regarded outfit in Bromley. Welcome and keep up the fast start!


Stephen Forde has been in the trade for over 10 years and is enthusiastic, hard-working and fully qualified in gas, heating and plumbing works. Steve is a family man, running around after his 3 girls. When not plumbing, he is often found seeking out the most frightening roller coaster ride in the world.


Seb loves boilers, accumulators and unvented cylinders.  He’s a wiz with a blow torch, and takes great pride in ensuring his pipework is neat and clean, removing all the flux from the pipes afterwards so they shine.


Kevin is the keenest snowboarder in the team.  If he’s not installing boilers, then he can be found on the slopes in the Alps, or sometimes further afield.  He is keen to learn the more intricate parts of the trade too.


Stephen has been working in the trade as a gas engineer for over 10 years and has brought in a wealth of experience. In his spare time he enjoys keeping fit with interests in MMA, running, boxing and Judo. He has two children who he enjoys taking to judo (as long as they do not get a higher belt than him!), skate boarding and watching Marvel and DC films with them.


Steve has been upgrading bathrooms for 12 years and joined WPJ this summer. He enjoys playing football and golf as often as he can. He also likes to watch motor sport, mainly motor bikes. He has a 15 year old daughter and he loves to spend time with his family.


Alec Amos has been interested and involved in plumbing since he left school, as the trade suits him down to a T.  Alec is very meticulous and has always wanted to expand his plumbing knowledge and broaden his horizons into gas.  In his free time Alec likes going to ice skating and go on country walks with his dog.


Connor joined WPJ in 2014, and is keen to learn more about the plumbing and heating trade.  He spends a day a week at college, and then 4 days on the job.  It is early days for Connor, but he is as keen as mustard and learning all the time.  He enjoys playing football and is brilliant at making tea. Milk with one please!


Nick Craike is another of our young and enthusiastic apprentices.  Listens attentively and is picking up the trade at a fair pace so long as he doesn’t drop another toolbox on his toes.  Superb at running to the parking meter to add more time.  Put another hour on would you, Nick?


Callum joined WPJ in August as an apprentice. He is keen to expand his knowledge on plumbing and heating and is currently trying out all different kinds of tasks as an apprentice. In his free time he likes to play football and supports Fulham F.C.


Max is one of new apprentices, very enthusiastic and keen of learn. Max joined WPJ in 2015, enjoys learning the trade through the apprenticeship scheme, gaining more experience with qualified engineers. In his spare he likes going to gym and socializing with family friends.


James joined WPJ in 2015.  He has become very handy with his growing amount of knowledge on plumbing and heating and is very keen to add to it.  He wants to have a great future with WPJ , finish his exams and get out there on his own in one of the WPJ vans. In his spare time James likes to pay a lot of tennis and go to Stamford Bridge every other weekend.


Ross joined WPJ in 2015. He is very enthusiastic about the trade and likes the experience of doing something new every day.


Shakes has been working with WPJ since 2010. He’s the brain box of the company with a MSc in Business Management  from the University of East London and a MBA from India. He associates himself with the company’s objectives and takes pride in representing the WPJ brand.


Nicci Burt joined WPJ in February 2012, bringing 5 years of property management experience with her.  This wealth of customer skills has seen a succession of new initiatives and practices be implemented under her careful eye.  She hopes to help steer the WPJ expansion long into the future and keeps the brigade of plumbers in check.


A vitally important member of the team, James first ventured into the heating industry in 2002 working for a local heating company as an admin assistant. He then progressed on to contract manager over a period of 5 years, dealing with every heating issue you can think of! James lives in Sutton with his wife Sam and baby daughter Lily, who keeps them busy!


Over  10 years experience, working in administration in multiple industries. Newly joined local girl has recently moved back to Battersea, London from spending the last 4 years travelling and living in Australasia, visiting the most beautiful places on the planet, she has concluded that there is no place like home.